Testimonial from Previous Customers

To those that are seeking to know what previous customers have said about us, check out some of the testimonials spoken about us throughout our history of operation.

“I had the pate banh mi. Added a fried egg and avocado. Small squirts of their house spicy pepper sauce was an added treat. Finished the meal with some cream puffs. Those things are obscenely good. Definitely going back…often.

Note: If you do not get sarcasm or understand dry humor you might not get the fantastic humor the wait staff have.” -Roman (May 20, 2016)

“My favorite Vietnamese Food in Texas I love everything about this place the owners are awesome people and you can taste the loving care put into each dish” -Dannie (March 10, 2016)

“Been here a couple of times and was very impressed about my overall experience. The family who owns and runs it are incredible and the food is amazing too!! -Darrell (May 24, 2016)

We are also featured in other parts of the web, like the Police Statesman and many others.


One of the reasons why we have such good reviews is because we are a restaurant that serves customers as though they are in a typical Vietnamese restaurant in Vietnam. When you walked into the store, you will feel more at home with the Vietnamese culture you have travelled to and our goal is to give you such environment so that we can better serve you (which is the common culture in the restaurant since the new management is run by a Vietnamese and most of the members of the team are Vietnamese as well).