Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Questions: Does the change in management actually change the quality of the food given to us?

Answer: We get this question a lot since the news about the former owner retired. However, we will proudly tell you that it does not change the quality of the food made. We are being fully trained by the Tam sisters in making the meals and seeking to provide you the service you need as you get from the sisters.

Questions: Why did you raise the price of the items on the menu?

Answer: We have raised the price 2 months ago on August is so that we can first pay our rent (our rent just went up and in order to keep the restaurant running, we must meet the cost and demand of the location), second pay for our transition from regular lighting to LED lighting (which will lead to better customer service for you and others of Tam Deli), and third to help keep up with the demand for the price of consumer goods, such as foods and materials for your meals.

However, because of recent customer reviews, we only raise most of our items by 50 cent higher but reduce many other items by $2. Thus, doing so makes it affordable for all customers. But here is the great thing, if you are not satisfied, we can give you a discount.

Questions: Are you currently hiring?

Answer: Currently not. However, it does not mean we are not into looking for talented workers to come to our restaurant. We are always looking. Try to look into our Hiring Page and check for openings. When there is, contact us at [email protected] to schedule an interview with us to learn about you. We can negotiate with you about job duties and pay.

Questions: Can we partner up with you in promoting your business? How can we get in touch about business reasons?

Answer: You currently want to partner with us? Great! We have been looking for businesses that loves the quality of our food, see our authentic Vietnamese food, or help generate traffic and revenue for both sides. If you desire to work with us, contact [email protected] and we will talk, or call us at 5122716817.