Amazon Partners with Tam Deli for Delivery!

Amazon customers of Tam Deli Cafe,

It seems like you are getting tired of coming to our restaurant by driving there yourself and some of you might have been busy on the schedule but still love to get our meals. We would love to give you our best deal of the year: delivery through Amazon.

We’re proud to announce our membership with Amazon Prime where you can order our foods online, with the other platforms are UberEATS and Eats24. If you desire to get fast delivery to your house, please check out the links towards our order here. Thanks

Team Tam Deli Cafe

P.S The link is here:

P.S.S Here are some of the benefits that we give to you through our membership:

  • Fast delivery of your food within less than one hour.
  • You make your order through a trusted website.
  • Order through the mobile app.
  • Fast quality customer service (that way we can get you the service you need in quality and speed)
  • You don’t have to come to the deli, the food is delivered to you.